This Will Transform Your 2018 Golf Season


Fact: Key aspects of your golf game get out of whack in the winter – our timing, our mechanics, our feel… It’s common when we fall out of practice. So, seeing that it’s March and we could still be a couple months out from outdoor golf, you’ve got to find a way to get your game up to par (er, birdie?) before the weather warms up.

Your only no-worries solution: Be truly prepared for the in-season by staying prepared through the off-season. Yes, that means these winter months are the best time to take golf lessons. When you think about other sports, off-season training is critical to READ MORE

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Timing Matters: Is a slow backswing more effective?


Slow backswing vs. quick backswing: Which is more effective? Will the steady stylings of Ernie Els or the flash-forward swing of Ricky Fowler get you closer to the hole?

Answer: Believe it or not, the difference in swing tempo has no significant bearing on your performance.

So what does matter? (Suppose the headline sort of gives it away, doesn’t it.)

Answer: Timing. It’s the simple principle of timing and the impact of those elements or (lack thereof) on your game. The true difference-maker is the 3:1 ratio. (And this is the key.) For instance, if drawing the club back takes you .75 seconds, your downswing should take you .25 READ MORE

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GWX: 7 Different Teaching Styles – Which one will deliver your best game?


You’ve heard us talk about the importance of researching and interviewing instructors to find the perfect fit. So, with the help of an article from GOLF WRX, let’s spend a few minutes digging in to help you figure out the kind of golf teacher that’s right for you. You’ll want to know your game and how you like to learn, then explore the evaluation of each instructor profile.


Q: Are you an intermediate / advanced player?

A: Consider analytical teachers. Analytical teachers use the latest technology as their main tools, advancing quickly beyond the fundamentals.


Q: Are you overthinking your swing?

A: Consider psychological teachers. These instructors value READ MORE

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Was that the wind or am I a terrible golfer?


So you’re closing out the back nine with a group of buddies when your ball takes a hard left-turn in mid-air for an Olympic swan-dive in the drink. You, of course, are pointing a finger at the wind, while your buddies are exchanging twenties on their odds bet. Who’s right? Bad news: we’ll never know. Because the 18th hole doesn’t have built-in feedback technology to show you what went right (and where mother nature wronged you). And of course, the outdoor driving range offers the same weather-driven whims.

Fact: the only way to conduct a true performance assessment is to strip down your surroundings, eliminate all external READ MORE

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Plain and simple: Most golfers are either learning the wrong things, or they’re learning the right things in the wrong order. The result? Their swing, their game and their score are destined to mediocrity and the inability to improve.

That might sound dramatized, but it’s actually very true.

So let’s talk about why this happens.

Instructional efforts in golf have resorted to myths, clichés and random verbiage such as “keep your head down,” “hit down on the ball,” or “you’re not turning.” (If you’re smiling right now, chances are you’ve heard this direction firsthand.)

Struggling golfers typically attempt to reconstruct their swings based on previous bad shots – and with READ MORE

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Don’t let the winter months put your golf game on ice. Taking months off can lead to longer preparation time in the spring, injuries, and all-around unfulfilling performance. Thankfully the solution for Detroit area golfers is right around the corner. Literally.

The off-season is the new in-season at 4 Seasons Indoor Golf because it gives golfers the best opportunity to practice and play golf in a comfortable, controlled environment. Here’s why.

Get game-changing data

With state-of-the-art golf simulators, 4SIG members get immediate and accurate ball flight feedback based on clubface position, swing path, angle of attack and clubhead speed. If that sounds like a lot of information to digest, READ MORE


Skip holiday shopping traffic; 4SG Gift Cards available now!


Can’t wait to dodge the holiday-shopping fray? We get it: You need to dole out some impressive gifts, but the practice of shopping – even online – can be awfully disenchanting. Well here’s some good news:

We have a far simpler holiday shopping experience – designed for you – right in our studio. Whether you’re buying for dad, mom, brother, boss or co-workers deserving of some serious gratitude, make 4 Seasons Indoor Golf gift cards your season’s go-to gift. Let’s recap:

What: Easy Premium Holiday Shopping

How: 4 Seasons Indoor Golf Gift Cards, $100 – $200 increments

Who: From novice golfers to a 4 handicap

Where: Swing by the 4SG READ MORE

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9 Steps To Problem Solving A Golf Swing


You may know your golf swing needs work, but with so many moving parts, it’s tough to know exactly where to start. Check out the 9-step strategy employed by the pros at 4 Seasons Indoor Golf.

DIAGNOSE and identify the prevailing problem(s), not just the symptoms. i.e., slicing

PRIORITIZE the most urgent issue requiring attention. i.e., swing not on plane

DETERMINE the best way to resolve the problem. i.e., better rotation

INTRODUCE specific skills requiring development. i.e., swing mechanics

IMPLEMENT a plan and a course of action. i.e., drills and practice regimen

ACQUIRE feedback. i.e., video analysis and ball flight data

ANALYZE and evaluate the progress. i.e., level of consistency

REVIEW the impact of READ MORE

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10 Ways of thinking that’ll change your game


Every golfer has the potential to get better. In addition to practice, being deliberate in your thinking and your approach can really make a difference in your overall game. These tips from Bob Rotella in a Golf Digest article will help you guide your state of mind.


  1. Play to play great. Don’t play not to play poorly.
  2. Love the challenge of the day, whatever it may be.
  3. Get out of results and get into process.
  4. Know that nothing will upset you on the golf course and you will be in a great state of mind for every READ MORE
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6 Reasons to Swap the Outdoor Range for Indoor Golf Instruction and Practice


Why has Indoor Golf become the driving-range alternative with tons of appeal? How are golfers improving their game by integrating the indoor golf experience? We sat down with PGA Teaching Professional Tom Pomante to get the answers. As you can imagine, indoor golf offers a distinctly different experience with advantages to players of all levels, so let’s talk about the benefits that will make the biggest impact on your golf game.


  • Privacy and discretion

Indoor golf removes the intimidation factor and anxiety commonly associated with learning something new and/or performing in the company of others.

  • Comfortable, climate-controlled environment

Probably the most obvious, but absolutely worth noting: any adverse READ MORE

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