Terms and Conditions

Safety is our top priority! Members/Guests/Students will be asked to leave if they cannot contribute to the overall safety of the facility/academy. Golf clubs & balls can cause serious injury, and golfers should always be aware of their surroundings.

Obey and follow all posted signs, rules and regulations while at the facility/academy.

Private Individual Lessons
Instructor(s) are responsible for scheduling their own lessons and they will contact you if there are any issues regarding your scheduled time(s).

Students should arrive to their lesson(s) wearing appropriate golf attire and with the equipment they need. If a golfer needs to borrow equipment, we will make every effort to provide it, given time and availability.

Our facility/academy does not offer refunds. All purchases (unless otherwise stated) are good for two (2) years from the date of purchase (including gift certificates). We accept most major credit cards and ask that lessons be paid for in advance to expedite and optimize your experience.

With junior (ages 7-18) lessons, we ask that parents leave the teaching vicinity so that teachers & students can concentrate and are not distracted. Juniors often get nervous and try to “perform/show off” for a parent/guardian. We want to offer the very best environment for learning that we can when it comes to your junior!