Why has Indoor Golf become the driving-range alternative with tons of appeal? How are golfers improving their game by integrating the indoor golf experience? We sat down with PGA Teaching Professional Tom Pomante to get the answers. As you can imagine, indoor golf offers a distinctly different experience with advantages to players of all levels, so let’s talk about the benefits that will make the biggest impact on your golf game.


  • Privacy and discretion

Indoor golf removes the intimidation factor and anxiety commonly associated with learning something new and/or performing in the company of others.

  • Comfortable, climate-controlled environment

Probably the most obvious, but absolutely worth noting: any adverse weather conditions present exactly zero interruption to a regular lesson regimen.

  • More consistency

A year-round practice/training schedule helps to avoid slumps and muscle memory loss.

  • Sophisticated ball flight data and video swing analysis software

“The visual image of the ball on the screen is virtually no different from how ball flight looks outside,” notes Pomante. “However, the technology provides precise feedback to the teaching professional who interprets the data and conveys the information back to the student in order to address their swing issues and how best to fix them.”

  • Better communication

When it comes to lessons, indoor golf encourages one on one communication and greater mutual exchange between student and instructor.

  • Focus on the dynamics of the golf swing rather than the outcome

It’s more important to concentrate on the process, rather than getting distracted by the immediate results. “In an outdoor setting, students often become focused on what the ball is doing; doubt can enter their minds and compromise their commitment to the process,” said Pomante. “Any teacher or player will tell you, ‘make a fundamentally good swing and the ball will take care of itself.’”


Experience the benefits of indoor instruction and practice for yourself and discover what it can do for your game. Give 4SG a call, or swing by; everything you’ll need to know to find us is right here.