You’ve heard us talk about the importance of researching and interviewing instructors to find the perfect fit. So, with the help of an article from GOLF WRX, let’s spend a few minutes digging in to help you figure out the kind of golf teacher that’s right for you. You’ll want to know your game and how you like to learn, then explore the evaluation of each instructor profile.


Q: Are you an intermediate / advanced player?

A: Consider analytical teachers. Analytical teachers use the latest technology as their main tools, advancing quickly beyond the fundamentals.


Q: Are you overthinking your swing?

A: Consider psychological teachers. These instructors value introspective techniques, allowing students to figure out what needs to be done. This is a longer journey, but effective.


Q: Is your physical ability on point?

A: Consider model swing teachers. “If you go to a model teacher and you have a similar swing to the model, or a similar body style to what the model strives for, then you’re in the right place. For the player who likes and agrees with the model taught — and who has the physical ability to move as their teacher’s system requires — there is no better kind of teacher in the world. People who agree with position-based golf instruction should go to this type of teacher from day one.” — GOLFWRX


Q: Are you feel-oriented?

A: Consider the Feel Teacher. This is the language of sensations and the reactions to biomechanical motions that produce effective golf swings. These instructors tend to focus on the effects of swing flaws, rather than the flaws themselves.


Q: Digging the latest trends?

A: Consider the Flavor of the Month teacher. If Jordan Spieth is holding his hips to the top, then so do all this teacher’s students, regardless of their normal hip motions or swing flaws. This could be advantageous if you sense that a new trend might really work for your game. On the other hand, this instructor isn’t exactly customizing a program to your needs.


Q: Do you move like they do?

A: Consider the “What They Do” teacher. This instructor’s understanding of the game is limited to their experience. This may not be your long-term solution. They likely don’t have the vision to diagnose the actual challenges to your game, but they’re experts and they’re excellent about teaching you their approach in hopes it works for you.


Q: Do you have time and effort to waste?

A: Consider the “Part-time Teacher.” Part-time golf instructors can help you, but they’re depth of expertise and dedication to the craft is going to be lighter than the full-timers. You may not achieve significant savings with this route, so this might be a reasonable solution if the instructor comes to you by recommendation only.


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You can check out the full Golf WRX article here.