Don’t let the winter months put your golf game on ice. Taking months off can lead to longer preparation time in the spring, injuries, and all-around unfulfilling performance. Thankfully the solution for Detroit area golfers is right around the corner. Literally.

The off-season is the new in-season at 4 Seasons Indoor Golf because it gives golfers the best opportunity to practice and play golf in a comfortable, controlled environment. Here’s why.

Get game-changing data

With state-of-the-art golf simulators, 4SIG members get immediate and accurate ball flight feedback based on clubface position, swing path, angle of attack and clubhead speed. If that sounds like a lot of information to digest, don’t worry – you’ll quickly understand opportunities for improvement when the data is delivered in realistic video graphics. Virtually 100% accurate, the simulator delivers an image of your ball-flight shape, curvature, trajectory, direction and distance relative to any situation that occurs in a round of golf. Pretty impressive.


Acquire actionable swing feedback

Optional driving range practice or play modes allow you to simulate challenging situations to test and practice your swing. Take your practice and training to the next level with video analysis for actionable feedback on alignment, posture, swing plane and static positions.


Experts to Amateurs, Practice to Polish

Players use this technology to work on their game independently or in collaboration with our experienced PGA Teaching Professionals. 4 Seasons Indoor Golf offers beginning golfers an ideal place to take up the game and understand their potential without the influence of external factors (like weather). More accomplished players benefit from a venue to train, challenge themselves and perfect their swing. And, most fun for all players of course is the ability to play virtual-reality championship golf on some of the most recognized courses in the world.


There’s more, but come see for yourself. Keep your clubs in the trunk (not in the basement), and let’s keep your game sharp at 4 Seasons Indoor Golf. Start your prep for the in-season now and give us a call, or swing by for a tour (pun absolutely intended).