Slow backswing vs. quick backswing: Which is more effective? Will the steady stylings of Ernie Els or the flash-forward swing of Ricky Fowler get you closer to the hole?

Answer: Believe it or not, the difference in swing tempo has no significant bearing on your performance.

So what does matter? (Suppose the headline sort of gives it away, doesn’t it.)

Answer: Timing. It’s the simple principle of timing and the impact of those elements or (lack thereof) on your game. The true difference-maker is the 3:1 ratio. (And this is the key.) For instance, if drawing the club back takes you .75 seconds, your downswing should take you .25 seconds.

4 Seasons Indoor Golf PGA Teaching Professional Tom Pomante says, “The proper execution of the sequence of your golf swing will benefit the mechanics of your golf swing and will lead to better timing, better motion and consistent, solid impact.”

As where the pace of your swing is merely personal preference.

So while we get the impression that the speed of the backswing is a game-changer, it’s actually all in the ratio. Top golfers who make quicker backswings do not upset their ratio. A good trick to maintain your ratio is to choose a three-syllable phrase for your backswing (like “Wind it up.”) and a one-syllable phrase for your downswing (like “swing”). So you’ll find your best rhythm if your swing follows the cadence in “Wind it up, swing.”

And that’s it! Come by 4 Season’s Indoor Golf to try it out, and see how good timing can transform your game.