Plain and simple: Most golfers are either learning the wrong things, or they’re learning the right things in the wrong order. The result? Their swing, their game and their score are destined to mediocrity and the inability to improve.

That might sound dramatized, but it’s actually very true.

So let’s talk about why this happens.

Instructional efforts in golf have resorted to myths, clichés and random verbiage such as “keep your head down,” “hit down on the ball,” or “you’re not turning.” (If you’re smiling right now, chances are you’ve heard this direction firsthand.)

Struggling golfers typically attempt to reconstruct their swings based on previous bad shots – and with no specific plan in mind. This kind of response leads to a process of trial and error, consisting of dramatic changes that typically compromise and change things that don’t need changing.

That’s why golfers continue to abandon the game out of frustration, lack of guidance, regression and inconsistency.

What does proper instruction look like?

Proper instruction is based on sound principles and physics that are communicated in an orderly and sensible manner. Sounds rigid, but it’s really awfully straightforward. The surprising thing is, good golf swings aren’t complicated. Watch too many how-to videos and you will inevitably overcomplicate them, but in reality, the successful ones are simple enough to be repeatable. The right instruction helps you minimize the degree of difficulty so that your successful swing can occur again and again – not just on occasion.


Where to go for the proper golf instruction:

At 4 Seasons Indoor Golf we bring you the correct approach along with the opportunity to improve.  The experience and insight of our PGA Teaching Professionals leads to coaching your golf swing based on real, proven principles – not guessing and cliché tips.


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